Christmas Wine Survivor 2021


Christmas Wine Survivor 2021


It’s Wine Time! Join in the fun and stock up your wine rack! Proceeds of the entrance fees goes towards Maker Space resources for the Devon Public Library.


Your entry fee of $30.00 (per person) will cover your participation ($15.00) and the cost of a bottle of wine ($15.00 value), which we will purchase on your behalf. NOTE: There is no limit to the amount of entries per person.

  • Teams will be posted on the Devon Public Library Facebook page.

  • Designate one person as the team captain and come up with a funny, witty team name!

  • November 15-December 11, 2021 -  Entries must be completed via Google entry form and fees paid in full either in person, e-transfer to (include your team name in the notes) or with credit card over the phone by 1:30 pm, Saturday, December 11 to qualify.


  • Create an alliance of 5 players to increase your chances of making it to the finale. Together, you will have more chances to beat elimination, as you pool together to share your potential winnings.

  • Don’t have an alliance? No worries, we will add you to a team of 5!

  • What’s Survivor without immunity? Pay an extra $5.00 when you register and you have one immunity to protect yourself from one elimination.


  • From December 13-17, daily draws will be held at 4:00 pm and individual names will be randomly selected to eliminate 20% of the players each day. As long as at least one member of your team is still in the draw, your entire team is still in the game!

  • Each elimination round will be posted on our Facebook page.

  • The final 20% of the players will be eliminated during Facebook live December 17, at 4:00 pm! The last person drawn is the winner and their entire team are the winners of the Wine Survivor!


The number of bottles to be won will depend on the number of entries and distributed to the nearest bottle. For example, based on 150 participants, prizes would be distributed as follows:

  • 1st Prize: 70% of the wine

  • 2nd Prize: 20% of the wine

  • 3rd Prize: 10% of the wine

  • 1st Prize: 105 bottles of wine

  • 2nd Prize: 30 bottles of wine

  • 3rd Prize: 15 bottles of wine


  • Participants must be 18 years of age and older to play.

  • There is no limit to the amount of entries per person.

  • A limit of one immunity can be purchased per player.

  • Immunity must be purchased at time of registration.

  • Immunity cannot be used for the final elimination draw.

  • No refunds will be issued.


Wine pick up will be held at the Devon Public Library December 18th from 11 am-3 pm.  First place winners will have first pick followed by second and third place winners. Arrangements will be made with the team captains.

Friends of the Devon Library Association: AGLC licence #585266