Community Voices Poetry Gathering

Poetry Gathering #1: The Treaty Relationship

Town of Devon Press Release

About the Gathering:

Devon Public Library is proud to partner with the Town of Devon to announce the launch of the Community Voices Poetry Gathering, a series of contests inviting community members to express themselves through a poetic lens.

This initiative will be a series, with contests throughout the year featuring different topics with the intent of involving local poets or aspiring poets in a fun and inspiring activity, while also bringing voices together.


Express what the Treaty Relationship means to you.

The Spirit and Intent of Treaty was for First Nations and Settler-Canadians to live together peacefully, sharing the land and working together through friendship. Treaties are an everlasting covenant that live as long as the sun shines, the grass grows and the waters flow.

  • How do you honour the Treaty Relationship? How can we, as a community, honour the Treaty Relationship?
  • How does your awareness of the Treaty Relationship affect the way you see/experience/interact with the people and places around you?

Submission Parameters:

  • Contest opens: May 1st.
  • Submission deadline: May 30th.

Eligibility: Acknowledging that we are all Treaty People, this contest will be open to everyone. Entrants may submit 1 poem each.


  • Must be an original (written by the entrant, not copied from any other source), unpublished poem.

  • May be written in any poetic form (i.e. haiku, sonnet, villanelle, free verse, blank verse, rhymed, unrhymed . . . ).

  • Must not include the entrant’s personal information (name, address, email, phone number, etc). Entrants will provide their contact information on the submission form, separately. 

  • Must be submitted as a PDF file.

  • Must not exceed 1 page in length, using 12-point font.

Contest Timeline:

  • The poems will be made anonymous and posted online for everyone to view and vote on their favourites from June 2 - 16. 

  • The winners of each age category will be announced on June 18. 


Winners will have their poems featured on the Town of Devon website, social media pages, and at the Devon Public Library. Winners from each category will also receive a prize package!

How to Enter:

Click here to submit your poem!