Fantastic Prizes and How to Win Them

The Summer Reading Club is all about reading awesome books and taking part in a lot of different activities. But let’s not forget the icing on the cake: prizes!

This year we will once again have the traditional little prizes that you earn by tracking the time you spend reading. You may claim those by visiting the library during our regular hours of operation. We will also have four Grand Prizes to be won—and we’re betting you’ll like them all.

There are many ways to get entries for the Grand Prizes draw. You will find out about those ways further down on this page, but the gist of it is: the more you participate in the activities (and the more you read), the more entries you get. More entries = more chances to win. Simple as that!

Claiming a prize for tracked reading?

Visit us at the library! (no form needed; curbside service available)

Claiming Grand Prize entries for other activities?


The Fabulous Four

Here’s what we have in store for you this year:

The Sensational Six

And here are all the ways you can get entries for the draw:

1. Tracking your reading

For each hour you read, you will get a little prize (and they’re cool too!), PLUS one entry for the Grand Prizes. It’s a two-for-one kind of deal—yeah!

2.  Finding your way out of our Escape Room

When you manage to exit the Escape Room we’re creating for the Summer Reading Club, you’ll be given a secret word that proves you made it out of there. Send us a message with the word and—bam!—one more entry in your name.

3. Making one or more of our weekly crafts

We’ll be teaching you six nifty crafts this summer—along with free kits containing the supplies you’ll need to make them. Send us a picture of your creation and you’ll get an entry. Send us six pictures of your six creations, and you’ll get six entries!

4. Competing in the Wizards vs. Creatures live online game

Each participant of the runner-up team gets one entry. Kids from the winning team, though, will get two entries each. So you’d better come prepared for the challenge, right?

5. Visiting The Ultimate 3D-Printing Micro-Exhibition

Come to the library and check out the exhibition—then look at all the pieces very carefully to find the secret code we hid in one of them. Send it on, get an entry.

6. Attending our live sessions

Each session you attend earns you an entry. So perhaps you’ll fancy coming to our virtual “Art of the Fart,” will ya? That’s one entry right there. Logged in to learn about the stars from author Joan Marie Galat? Yep—another entry. Joined a work group for the multi-session Chronicles of Covid project? One entry for each session. And so on and on and on.