Homework Help

Looking for information online can be tricky. While there are a lot of great places to go for information, there are also websites that will tell you things that aren’t exactly right or, even worse, websites that will make things up. Look below for a few suggestions of cool (and trustworthy) sites to visit when you’re trying to find out about a topic. 

  Fact Monster - This site has a bit of everything for everyone. It was made to be a place where kids could do research for school on topics related to different classes, like social studies, science, English, or even math!
  National Geographic Kids - National Geographic is also a good place to go to for lots of different topics. Our favourite part of their website is probably their stuff on animals—and their animal photos are always great!
  DK Findout - DK Findout is definitely worth a look. We love, for example, that it has lots of pictures to go with the information on the wide variety of topics they cover. One of our favourite sections on their website is one about what life is like for kids around the world.It would be a great section to visit for when you have to write about a country for a project. ;)
   Space Place - A site for Earthlings like yourself that’s all about... you guessed it, space! Space Place is made by the same people that send astronauts to space, which is pretty awesome. (Tip: If you're looking for more websites on space stuff, check out the News for Kids section of Kids' Corner!)