More Than a 1,000 Words


For this activity, we took the game of word association and made it visual. 

Much like with word association, the participants responded with the first thoughts or emotions that they associated with the image. But since a picture is worth a thousand words, they could say as many words as they deemed necessary to express themselves.

"Oh, I went there when I was in preschool. I stepped on the stone thing and my teacher was NOT happy." -- Crawly

Crawly: I did NOT like that.
Kindhearted: Wendy's was a disaster. Only dad could go in and he only got things I hated.
Crawly: Yup. That's why.

"I don't like that. It stresses me out to see the number of cases, especially when it's going up." -- Crawly

"I liked that. It was nice to to go back to normal and feel safe." -- Kindhearted

"Sometimes I'd forget to bring my mask and I'd use my shirt to cover my face. It works well in an emergency if you don't have a mask." -- Crawly

"I always would forget we had to social distance and would need to be reminded. Then over time I'd forget again." -- Kindhearted 

"I don't like social distancing. I can't hug anyone anymore and I love to hug people." -- Crawly 

"Your nose gets sooo itchy after a while..." -- Kindhearted

"Everything when you were out during lockdown either took twice as long to do [because of limits of how many people could be in an area] or had to be super rushed." -- Crawly