Interview Bits

In order to get some inspiration for what to talk about in their letters, the participants chose some questions to be interviewed about. The following are some excerpts from their interviews that didn’t make it into their letters to the future but are definitely worth sharing.

Note: Alice is the librarian who ran the Summer Reading Club and its programming.

Kindhearted: What was the best and worst part of doing school from home?  Crawly: *grimaces* It sucks.  Alice: So you didn't find anything good about it?  Crawly: *shakes head* We just took every opportunity to play video games. It’s kind of also hard to not be able to see your friends. Online is just not the same thing.

Crawly: If you were the prime minister when the pandemic first started, what would you have done?  Kindhearted: I probably would have made everyone stay calm and told them we'll figure out everything and how you stay healthy and not get sick. That's what I would have done.

Kindhearted: What did you find was the hardest part of wearing your mask?  Crawly: That your face gets all sweaty and it's like, red.  Kindhearted: Yeah.  Crawly: Especially when it started getting hot. During the winter it wasn't too bad because it was just kind of like wearing a scarf for your face or something. But with the heat it feels itchy and sweaty and gross.

Crawly: How would you describe the past year and a half to someone from the future or the past?  Kindhearted: It was very crazy. And we had lots of cases and people were dying. And then there were... We had to wear lots of masks. We had to wear masks and we couldn't hang out with our friends like we used to before the pandemic started. And we couldn't go visit any places because of the pandemic.

Alice: Did you guys have to change the way you played games at recess or gym because of the pandemic?  Crawly: Yes.  Kindhearted: *nods*  Alice: How did it change?  Kindhearted: We couldn't play tag. We couldn't play grounders. We couldn't play knee tag. We couldn't play hot dog tag. We couldn't play basically every single tag.  Alice: If you still need to social distance when school begins, you can give them a suggestion of what they were doing at the school I worked at this past year for playing tag: They bought a bunch of pool noodles and then they cut them in half. And then you would tag the person with a pool noodle instead of getting close.

Crawly: If you had to give a piece of advice to grownups on how to talk to their kids about tough subjects like the pandemic, what would it be?  Kindhearted: Um...  Alice: So, say there was a pandemic in the future and they had to talk to their kids about how it's very dangerous and people are dying and that kind of thing. How would you suggest they approach the subject when they're talking to their kids?  Kindhearted: I would say be honest and don’t try to hide anything, because when they found out you lied you’d get in trouble. And I would say to the kids be careful, stay six feet apart, and wear a mask when the teacher says and stuff, and then you'll be fine. That's what my advice would be.

Kindhearted: What was the biggest change to your life (other than masks) since the pandemic began?  Crawly: The bullies at the parks.  Alice: The what?  Crawly: There's a lot of bullies in the parks.  Kindhearted: Yeah.  Alice: Interesting. And are there more than there used to be before?  Crawly: Yes.  Kindhearted: *nods*  Alice: Any guesses as to why?  Crawly: Their parents probably don’t let them see their friends inside so everyone’s going to the parks more to hang out.

Kindhearted: A lot of grownups have said that they've been super tired and having a hard time concentrating this past year. Have you noticed any changes like that in yourself?  Crawly: *thinking*  Alice: It doesn't need to be tired. It can be any kind of change. Like, if you're finding it more easy to get angry or grouchy--  Crawly: Yeah, kind of. Definitely more grouchy. And it takes less to get me angry and stuff.