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A one-on-one or small class volunteer tutor, will work with either one or more adult students to help them meet their literacy goals. This usually involves foundational skills tutoring in reading, writing, listening, speaking, math and/or computers. Tutoring takes place in the library or a public place on a time and date that works for both tutor and learner. Tutors do not need to create curriculums. Resources are provided.

Qualifications and Character Traits

18+ years of age
Graduation from High School
Proficient and confident in reading, writing and speaking English
Respond creatively and patiently to meet the student’s learning needs
Sensitive, flexible and understanding of those facing literacy challenges
Sensitive to different cultures and language backgrounds
Reliable, trustworthy, non-judgmental, patient and committed


Complete full day tutor training session; participate in further training as offered.
Meet with Adult Learning Program Coordinator for an orientation re: your assigned student(s). This includes students goals, learning plan, and selection of resources.
Communication: Set up meeting day and time with your learner; establish a communication routine for you and your student; contact Adult Learning Coordinator if you have questions, if your students is missing classes, of if you can no longer continue tutoring.
Respect and maintain confidentiality of students at all times.
Submit tutoring statistics each session.

Time Commitment

1 hour of tutoring per week plus preparation time (about 1.5 hours per week).
Availability to tutor for at least one year after you have completed Tutor Training.


Individuals who come to the Adult Learning Program for help with their basic reading and writing skills do so with an expectation of and a need for privacy. The student should be the primary source of information about him/herself and only information that is essential to providing service should be requested. All volunteers and paid staff must respect the need for privacy.  Staff and volunteers are not to identify or discuss students with other tutors, family, or acquaintances.  They must avoid using details about the student or his/her life that would revel his/her identity.  It is important to realize that due to the close nature of our social environment, it is easy to identify people by details of their personal lives. This code survives the period with which an individual volunteers or works with the Adult Learning Program. Staff and volunteers must not provide other service agency personnel, including social workers, probation, or employment officers with details of a student’s progress without the written or verbal permission of the student.  All inquires from agencies or others can be referred to the Adult Learning Coordinator. Staff and volunteers are encouraged to talk about the Adult Learning Program, to be a positive literacy role model in the community and to act as ambassadors for the Adult Learning Program. The code is meant to guide staff and volunteers in maintaining the privacy and dignity of the student participating in the Adult Learning Program at the Devon Public Library.

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