Library Board

Due to COVID-19, the Devon Public Library Board meets online on Zoom on the third Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. except July and August. Registration is required to attend. 

If you would like to attend the virtual meeting, please click on this link to register.


To enrich lives, build community and foster success by bringing people, information and ideas together.


To be a safe and welcoming place for our diverse community, a place which connects people, inspires learning, literacy, and curiosity, and sparks change for a better community.


  • Intellectual freedom: Providing access to all expressions of knowledge and creativity
  • Diversity and inclusion: Valuing individuality, a person’s needs, experiences and differences with tolerance and understanding
  • Accessibility: providing barrier-free facilities, resources and services
  • Community: appreciating and responding to the needs of our community
  • Lifelong learning: fostering the joy of reading and learning
  • Fun: creating a positive environment in which staff and customers have fun and enjoy what we offer


Click here to access the Devon Public Libraries Policies Document. 


Click here to access the Devon Public Library Bylaws Document

Plan of Service 2019-2022:

Click here to access the Devon Public Library Plan of Service Document

Board Members:

Barbara London : Chair
Carmen Spence : Vice Chair
Wendy Boje : Treasurer
Barry Fildes : Secretary
Joan Becker : Trustee
Nicole Mercer : Trustee
Juston Porter : Council Representative